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Fri-Mon, February 20-May 16, 2016, 11-6 Tues-Sat | LIVING WITH GLASS For well over five centuries, glass from the island of Murano, Italy has been desired by collectors of all persuasions, from leading scholars to day-trip tourists. The extraordinary skill of Murano’s glassmakers is indisputable. Veritable magicians, they transform cold material into explosions of light and color, encapsulated through the centuries in vases, sculptures, chandeliers, and tableware.
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Fri-Mon, May 1-November 30, 2015, various times | INDIGENOUS EMERGING ARTIST PROGRAM Building on the success of last year’s Open Space Indigenous Youth Artist Showcase Group, we are currently planning the 2015 Indigenous Emerging Artists Program. Young artists will be offered the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary practices, including the many facets of media arts: video art, sound art, digital arts, etc. This free, hands-on program will encourage Aboriginal youth to tell their stories while benefiting from the guidance of established artists/mentors such as Jackson 2Bears, Peter Morin, Janet Rogers, Doug Jarvis, and Curator-in-Residence France Trépanier. They will also have access to experienced technicians and all necessary equipment, thanks to a partnership with MediaNet.

The Indigenous Emerging Artists Program is designed for Indigenous youth (First Nations, Inuit, or Métis) age 15 to 30 interested in developing their art, exploring new media, and producing exciting work. Participants will meet every second week for workshops, field trips and artist talks. The program will run from May to November 2015, resulting in a public presentation and discussion. For more information please contact Open Space at 250.383.8833.

Open Space
510 Fort Street

Program supporters: British Columbia Arts Council, British Columbia Community Gaming Grant, the City of Victoria, the Capital Regional District, Victoria Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, MediaNet, Arts Victoria.

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Wed-Thur, June 17-December 31, 2015, | ALTERNATOR CENTRE CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Call for Submissions
The Alternator accepts exhibition proposals from artists and curators. Selections are
based on:
Compatibility with the Alternator's mandate
- Quality of the proposal
- Quality of work submitted by the artist
- Availability of space
Submissions from both individual artists and groups will be considered with an
emphasis on an experimental approach.
In 2017/2018 the Alternator is inviting exhibiting artists to create an extension of their
work for public space. Please include a short proposal for this secondary component
along with your submission. For example this might include a banner, posters, public
performance or outdoor projection. A separate presentation fee will be paid.
The Alternator has limited funds available to assist with exhibition production. If you
require OAAA assistance with production expenses, please include a detailed
description and budget of production expenses as part of your programming
submission as well as expected installation schedule/timeline.
Please include all of the following when submitting your proposal:
- A brief description (maximum 300 words) clearly outlining the exhibition you are
- Artist statement - maximum 500 words
- Detailed description and budget of production expenses (if required) including
installation schedule.
- Curriculum vitae
- 15-20 images with name and title. Video artists may submit a video no longer than 5
- Image list detailing medium and size
- Self addressed, suciently stamped envelope (for return only)
Please submit images in jpeg format. Label jpg images with number and title, for
example: 01_title.jpg, 02_title.jpg etc. Jpg images must be 72 dpi, maximum 1024 x 768
pixels. 500 KB (0.5MB). Applications submitted by e-mail are not accepted.
Send proposals to:
Attn: Programming Committee
The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art
421 Cawtson Ave, Unit 103
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6Z1

250-868-2298  |  |

Sat-Mon, August 29-15, 2016, All Day | COMMERCIAL ALLEY: LIZ P DEMPSEY On Saturday, August 29 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Open Space, in partnership with the City of Victoria, will unveil a new installment of the Commercial Alley Public Art Gallery featuring the works of local artist, Liz P. Dempsey. The opening will take place in conjunction with the Integrate Arts Festival's En-Masse Art Crawl.

Dempsey’s commissioned works will feature a four-panel installation of her hybrid human-animal figures. The quartet of panels captures the charged and raw energy of our surroundings on this beautiful island. Dempsey fuses mystical imagery within an urban and contemporary context.

Open Space invites everyone and all to the unveiling of Commercial Alley’s newest display of works by Liz P Dempsey on the evening of Saturday, August 29, 2015 in concert with the city-wide celebration of artistic communities in Victoria, the Integrate Arts Festival.

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Sat-Sun, September 12-January 3, 2016, | CHRIS CRAN, SINCERELY YOURS Your AGA is celebrating acclaimed Alberta artist Chris Cran’s career with a major exhibition including over 100 works surveying Cran’s artistic production over the last 30 years. Chris Cran is one of the most influential Alberta artists working today, and one of Canada’s preeminent painters of the last few decades.

Tues-Mon, September 22-January 11, 2016, | MARK OLLINGER: PERCEPTUALLY UNIFORM North Vancouver Community Arts Council Presents
Mark Ollinger

Artist Talk
Tuesday September 29, 12:15 – 12:45
City Atrium Gallery
Please Join Mark as he shares his inspiration behind his sculptural work!
In Perceptually Uniform, Mark has played with the concept that in our world, there is an underlying, over-reaching fabric that makes everything that we interact with in our physical environment.
“The fabric must be made of something deeper. It is this “something” that I have striven to capture within these works.”

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Sat-Sun, September 26-November 29, 2015, | NORTH SHORE INTERNATIONAL FILM SERIES The North Vancouver Community Arts Council and the Toronto International Film Festival Group proudly present the North Shore International Film reel
All films are screened at Cineplex Odeon, Park & Tilford
333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

Please visit our website for full list of movies:

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2015 Series!
Tickets are available NOW!
$45.00 for the Fall Series (5 films) or $11.00 each
Purchase tickets online, in person at the NVCAC office, 335 Lonsdale Avenue, by phone at 604-988-6844
or at the door - cash only!

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Wed-Tues, September 30-December 1, 2015, | FROM PALATE TO PALETTE: LORN CURRY Lorn Curry
From Palate to Palette – The Contemporary Food Still Life
September 30 – December 1, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 3, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

From Palate to Palette – The Contemporary Food Still Life is an exhibit of food and kitchen object-themed still-life paintings inspired by contemporary hyper-realism. It seeks to explore the intersection of food and art in our lives.

“From the obesity epidemic to the slow-food movement, our fascination and concern with what is on our plates seems never ending…amidst all this, enter food themed paintings. They can convey a passion for the simple pleasure of the table or tell powerful narratives that attempt to address our concerns,” - Lorn Curry.

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2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton AB T5J 2C1

Fri-Mon, October 23-February 15, 2016, | DANA HOLST: SHE’S ALL THAT Exhibition
2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton AB T5J 2C1

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