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A handful of attractive recent exhibition catalogues, as well as archived catalogue reviews.


photoEsplanade Art Gallery
401 First St SE
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 8W2
Tel: 403-502-8793
Hours: mon-fri 10am-5pm sat & holidays 12-5pm

Every year, the Esplanade Art Gallery presents ten to twelve exhibitions of contemporary and historical art by local, provincial, national and international artists that are enriched and animated by a wide range of public programs for all ages, including talks, workshops, tours and classes.

To Apr 29 When We Were Young. Five female artists from Medicine Hat-Safira Lachapelle, Wendy Struck, Jessica Plattner, Kat Valenzuela, and Susan Knight-respond to the title theme by exploring the innocence and joy of childhood, relationships with siblings, and the unexpected, sometimes traumatic experiences of youth. This TREX Southeast exhibition will tour Alberta over the next two years. School Art 2017, an annual extravaganza of the amazing creativity of Medicine Hat's students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


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