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A handful of attractive recent exhibition catalogues, as well as archived catalogue reviews.


photoNorthwest By Northwest Gallery
232 N Spruce
, (downtown, across from city park and info centre)

Cannon Beach, OR
Tel: 503-436-0741
Hours: daily 11am-6pm and by appt

Established in 1987, the gallery represents original works by regional masters. A vision and philosophy of the real cultural value of original art and an appreciation of technique and craft define the gallery. Established artists whose works are recognized for their excellence & contribution to the Arts. Artists whose work celebrates the beauty & spirit of the NW. "Experience Regional Pride"... The Oregonian 1987 located in downtown Cannon Beach across from City Park & Info Center. Featured in Frommers &

Apr Angela Woods: Ocean, dramatic oil paintings. Patrick Horsley: Sculpture in Clay, work by the ceramic master. Hazel Schlesinger, oil paintings of wine country. May Georgia Gerber, new collection of bronze sculpture. Jeff White, oil paintings. Christopher Burkett, new colour photographs. Tolley Marney, equine sculpture. Ivan McLean, contemporary sculpture. Cristina Acosta, memoir paintings.

REPRESENTING: Christopher Burkett, Georgia Gerber, Lillian Pitt, Ruth Brockmann, Wayne Chabre, Steve Jensen, Ram Papish, Rosemary Belknap, Phillip Charette, Nelson Davis, Patrick Horsley, Natalie Warrens, Lisa Gordon, Lowell Hanna, Don Stastny, Patrick McGowan, Rob Wurzer, Chessney Sevier, Floy Zittin, Marvin Oliver, JR Moyer, James Nowak, Charles Funk, Sam Robinson, Jeffrey Brown, Jan Shield, Eric Jacobsen.


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