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photoArnold Mikelson Mind & Matter Art Gallery
13743 16th Ave
Surrey, BC
V4A 1P6
Tel: 604-536-6460

Hours: daily 12-6pm

The Arnold Mikelson Mind and Matter Art Gallery was established by Arnold Mikelson and his wife Mary. The gallery has strived to promote established and upcoming artists. Artists are featured on a monthly basis showcasing original art. Wood sculpture, paintings, pottery, glass blowing, soapstone, jewellery and much more are on display daily. The gallery offers a vast array of gifts for all occasions - weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The gallery is host to two annual exhibitions - The Arnold Mikelson Festival of Arts in July and Art for Christmas in December.

June/July/August Jack Olive, pottery. Mary Mikelson, oil. Alicia Ballard, mixed media. Bob Askew, woodturning. Millie Meerheimb, watercolour. Anita Lindblom, watercolour. Sheryl Walker, acrylic. Linda Morris, acrylic. Arnold Mickelson, wood sculpture. Gunilla Lindgren, watercolour. Shirley Thomas, acrylic. Ray Richard, pottery. Thelma Newbury, fibre art. Elmer Gunderson, wood sculpture. Bette Hurd, oil. Bob Gonzales, woodturning. Val Eisner, stained glass.

REPRESENTING: Suzanne Amendolagine, Jeannette Boothby, Julie Bourne, Phil Chappell, Valerie Eibner, Ilona Fekete, Eileen Fong, Bob Gonzales, Elmer Gunderson, Darrel Hancock, Kevin Healy, Drena Hambrook, Bette Hurd, Georgina Johnstone, David Kilpatrick, Millie Meerheimb, Arnold Mikelson, Mary Mikelson, Linda Morris, Jack Olive, Robert Parker, Don Portelance, Christopher Potter, Ray Richard, Murray Sanders, Valeri Sokolovski, Sheila Symington, Shirley Thomas and Teresa Wegrzyn.


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