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photoElizabeth Leach Gallery
417 NW 9th Ave
, (at Flanders)

Portland, OR
Tel: 503-224-0521
Hours: tues-sat 10:30am-5:30pm and by appt

Established in 1981, Elizabeth Leach Gallery offers Portland's most comprehensive selection of contemporary art, featuring fine art in all media by established and emerging artists whose work is conceptually based.

Jun 1-Jul 15 Lee Kelly: Winter Garden at Muktinath, new work. Jun 1-Jul 15 Chester Arnold: The Song of the Earth, paintings. Jul 19-Sep 2 John Baldessari: Madame Cezanne's Hairdos, prints.

REPRESENTING: Victoria Adams, MJ Anderson, Christine Bourdette, The Estate of Bonnie Bronson, Kavin Buck, Jaq Chartier, Judy Cooke, Claire Cowie, The Estate of Drake Deknatel, Justin Gibbens, Richard Gruetter, M.K. Guth, Ann Hamilton, Robert Hanson, Stephen Hayes, Sean Healy, Willy Heeks, Deborah Horrell, Malia Jensen, Lee Kelly, Justine Kurland, Isaac Layman, Dinh Q. Le, Charlene Liu, Emilio Lobato, Robert Lyons, Jinie Park, Joseph Park, Matthew Picton, Julia Mangold, Melody Owen, Joseph Park, Jinie Park, Ryan Pierce, Christopher Rauschenberg, Gregg Renfrow, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Michelle Ross, Mark R. Smith, Barbara Sternberger, Hap Tivey, Anna Von Mertens, Libby Wadsworth, Joan Waltemath and Amanda Wojick.


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