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photoFrye Art Museum
704 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-622-9250
Hours: tues-sun 11am-5pm thurs 11am-7pm. Admission is free

Located on Seattle’s First Hill, the Frye Art Museum showcases works from the Frye Founding Collection of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century European paintings, and notable exhibitions of works by internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists.

To Jul 23 Between the Frames: The Frye Art Museum Collection After 1952 explores the evolution of the Museum’s collection, presenting sixty-five years of acquisitions in chronological sequence. The exhibition charts the Museum’s transformation from a personal selection of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century art, cultivated by First Hill residents Charles and Emma Frye, to a museum of the twenty-first century dedicated to regional and international creative practice in its myriad forms. To Sep 3 Amie Siegel: Interiors. New York-based artist Amie Siegel works between film, photography, performance, and installation. In this solo exhibition, she investigates ideas about objects and their perceived cultural value, and the power systems innate to connoisseurship and museum practice. To Jan 21, 2018 Frye Salon, a restaging of the Founding Collection as it was installed in the home gallery of Charles and Emma Frye.

REPRESENTING: Amie Siegel, and artists of the Frye Collection including Matt Browning, Arthur Bowen Davies, Ludwig Dill, Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovskoi, Nicolai Fechin, Alexander Max Koester, Gabriel von Max, Rosalyn Gale Powell, Dániel Somogyi, Franz von Stuck, and Andrew Wyeth.


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