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photoGallery 110
110 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-624-9336

Hours: thurs-sat 12-5pm

Gallery 110’s mission is to provide dynamic opportunities to established and emerging professional artists in an environment that encourages creative expression, experimentation and collaboration.  As a nonprofit organization, the gallery fosters artistic and professional connections between its associated artists and the arts community at large through creative dialogue, the presentation of challenging and enriching curated exhibitions, public opportunities and collaborative projects. Established in 2002, Gallery 110 presents contemporary art in a wide variety of media.  We aspire to present fresh, challenging exhibitions and opportunities of the highest professional caliber while actively engaging and networking with the community at large.  On-site exhibitions change monthly with  public openings held during First Thursday Artwalk every month and consist of solo, group and/or thematic shows.  The range of genre represented by Gallery 110 artists offers a broad palette of thought, approach and media, promoting dialogue and reflection.

Nov 2-Dec 2
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman: What story do you want to believe – Come up with your own story? Yael’s artwork and art process, explores folk stories as a base for understanding the world around her, as well as to form a personal and social identity.

Stacy Milrany: Things In My Pockets. This series began as a deliberate choice to slow down and pay closer attention to the everyday, the ordinary and often overlooked.

George Brandt: Self portraits.

Dec 8-30
Works by Gallery Artists and Affiliates: All the Best.

Jan 4-27
Kevin Marshall & Saundra Fleming: pcictureswordspictures. Two ways of seeing words contained words set free.

Lauren Greathouse: The Elwha: A River Set Free. A collection of black-and-white photographs documenting the transformation of the Elwha River and surrounding area in the years since dam removal rid the river of both Elwha and Glines Canyon dams.

REPRESENTING: David Beckley, Sally Ketchum, Joan Kimura, Ray Schutte, Michael Abraham, Aaron Brady, George Brandt, Susan Christensen, Nancy Coleman, Sean Fansler, Paula Maratea Fuld, Susan Gans, Jerry Gordon, David Haughton, Robert Horton, Kevin Marshall, M R McDonald, Stacy Milrany, Maylee Noah, Gregory Pierce, Amy Pleasant, Sonya Stockton, Li Turner, David Sokal, Karen Graber, Mimi Cernyar-Fox, Lauren Greathouse, Saundra Fleming.




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Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

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