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photoOregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
724 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR
Tel: 503-226-3600
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday Noon-5pm

The mission of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is to interpret the Oregon Jewish experience, explore the lessons of the Holocaust, and foster intercultural conversations. The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education features, along with core exhibitions, national and international changing exhibitions that showcase Jewish contributions to world culture and ideas, issues of Jewish identity, and the forces of prejudice. OJMCHE also offers programs, films, lectures, and concerts cover a wide range of topics relating to Jewish art, culture, and heritage, which stimulate dialogue about identity, culture, and assimilation. Education programs embrace the Jewish experience and explore the lessons of the Holocaust. The organization is the steward of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial, located in Washington Park, and of the Archives and Artifact Collection documenting the Oregon Jewish experience.

Jun 11-Oct 1 Grisha Bruskin ALEFBET: The Alphabet of Memory. Our inaugural exhibition features Russian Jewish artist Grisha Bruskin's visually stunning, large-scale tapestries alongside the artist's preparatory drawings and related gouache paintings. The new museum space also features three core exhibitions, an exhibition on architect Herman Brookman, a cafe, and a giftshop.

REPRESENTING: Grisha Bruskin


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