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A handful of attractive recent exhibition catalogues, as well as archived catalogue reviews.


photoChristine Klassen Gallery
200-321 50th Ave SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 2B3
Tel: 403-262-1880

Hours: tues-sat 10am-5pm or by appt

Christine Klassen Gallery / CKG represents a dynamic group of artists united by their craft-intensive approach to artmaking. CKG endeavours to stimulate gallery visitors through innovative projects and exhibitions of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture.

To May 6 Bénédicte Dussère: New Paintings, paintings and drawings by the Paris-based former graphic designer. ckuzmanovich: heartbreakaccelerating. ckuzmaovich's extensive design background informs his current body of work-paintings that suggest abstracted architecture as indicated with scratches, areas of bold colour, and surface exploration. May 11-Jun 24 Brad Woodfin & Zane Wilcox.

REPRESENTING: Karrie Arthurs, Daniel Barkley, Mike Binzer, Kevin Boyle, Ronald Boaks, Gary Campbell, Susan Collett, Ben Cope, Dale Dunning, Bénédicte Dussère, Sarah Fuller, Jean-François Gromaire, Aron Hill, France Jodoin, Madeleine Lamont, Michael Levin, Lori Lukasewich, Patricia Macdonald, Alexandre Masino, Lisa Matthias, Lee Nielsen, Ulrich Panzer, Birgit Piskor, Teresa Posyniak, Sean William Randall, Michael Schreiner, Colin Smith, Leesa Streifler, Diana Thorneycroft, Debra Van Tuinen, Verna Vogel, Carl White, Zane Wilcox and Brad Woodfin.


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