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photoHerringer Kiss Gallery
709A 11th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0E3
Tel: 403-228-4889
Hours: tues-fri 10am-5:30pm sat 11am-5pm

Herringer Kiss Gallery, established in 2002 by Deborah Herringer Kiss, focuses on contemporary fine art by emerging, mid-career and established artists from across Canada and the United States. The gallery's programming includes, solo, duo, group and thematic exhibitions in all mediums that support interesting and engaging dialogue of the current art world. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of our artists and placement of their work in important collections as well as working with individual clients to assist them in building strong collections.

To Jun 10 Angela Grossman: Models of Resistance, new works that address the role performance plays in the assumption and persistence of gender identity in a postmodern world. Jun 22-Jul 15 Mario Trejo: Accumulated Relics of Arduous Performances of Repeated Gestures. Mario Trejo’s works are accumulations of thousands of quickly drawn idiosyncratic marks. The amalgamations of hundreds of thousands of marks/circles/ lines in varying densities begin to resemble pocket universes, each a relic of an arduous performance of repeated gestures. Jun 22-Jul 15 Brigitta Kocsis: Contingent Bodies, work exploring the space between representation and abstraction. In her current work, Kocsis focuses on the representation of the body undergoing transformation, abandoning formal purity and desiring disengagement from the human condition due to contemporary digital technologies and hopelessness. Jul 5-Aug 6 Annual Art for Food Show and Sale in Support of the Calgary Food Bank.

REPRESENTING: Fiona Ackerman, Elizabeth Barnes, David Burdeny, Eszter Burghardt, Curtis Cutshaw, Renee Duval, Marjan Eggermont, Dennis Ekstedt, Toni Hafkenscheid, Siobhan Humston, Laurel Johannesson, Harry Kiyooka, Bill Laing, Angela Leach, Eric Louie, Katie Ohe, Reinhard Skoracki, Mario Trejo, Ben van Netten, Lauren Walker, Ken Webb, Michael Davidson, Joe Fleming, Nate McLeod, Jason Frizzell, Tia Halliday and Angela Grossmann.


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