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photoWest End Gallery
10337 124th St NW
Edmonton, AB
T5N 1R1
Tel: 780-488-4892

Hours: tues-sat 10am-5pm

Founded in 1975, the West End Gallery is well known for representing established and emerging painters, glass artists, and sculptors from across Canada. In 1994, the Hudons opened their Victoria gallery that showcases national talent.

To Nov 9 Grant Leier & Nixie Barton. Vibrant and exotic paintings that blur the boundaries of still life subject matter.

Nov 4-16 Raynald Leclerc. Fresh landscapes from the impressionist french-canadian talent.

Nov 25-Jan 11 Calendar Show. New works from all West End Gallery artists featured in a desktop calendar.

REPRESENTING: Allen Sapp, Irene Klar, W.H. Webb, Claude A. Simard, Guy Roy, Brent Laycock, Rod Charlesworth, Glen Semple, Raynald Leclerc, Grant Leier, Peter Shostak, Jean-Gabriel Lambert, Robert Savignac, Paul Jorgensen, Steven Armstrong, Nixie Barton, Tammy Hudgeon, Robert Held, David Thai, Annabelle Marquis, Shi Le, Bev Rodin, Robert Genn, Peter Wyse, Gabor Nagy, Pierre Giroux, Claudette Castonguay, Paull Rodrigue, Michael Rozenvain, Darren Petersen, Joanne Gauthier, Élène Gamache, Ken Faulks, Fraser Brinsmead, Shinah Lee, Alain Bédard, Sabina, Blu Smith, Richard Cole, Gordon Lewis, Ariane Dubios, Blythe Scott, Gerda Marschall, Dana Irving, Irena Gendelman, Nicola Mainville, Jeannette Perreault.




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Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

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