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A handful of attractive recent exhibition catalogues, as well as archived catalogue reviews.

British ColumbiaBack

photoArt Gallery at Evergreen Cultural Centre
1205 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 7Y3
Tel: 604-927-6550
Hours: wed-sat 12-5pm sun 12-4pm. Free admission

The Evergreen Cultural Centre Art Gallery is a public gallery with 1500 square feet of exhibition space. It presents an average of five exhibitions per year. Shows range from works by international and regional to local artists and include all media.

To Aug 22 Coquitlam, Canada presents a story of Coquitlam told through art, artifacts, and text. Viewers move through a collection of evocative and provocative works by local and international artists including William Eakin and Arni Haraldsson, as well as materials from the Coquitlam Archives.

REPRESENTING: Includes work by William Eakin and Arni Haraldsson among others. Materials from the Coquitlam Archives.


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