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photoARTE funktional and Ashpa Naira Studio
9492 Houghton Rd
Vernon, BC
V1H 2C9
Tel: 250-549-4249

Hours: May 1-Oct 31: sun 10am-6pm or by appt

Located on the west side of Okanagan Lake, this contemporary art gallery, owned by artist Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante, features original art in a home and garden setting. Discover a diverse group of emerging and established Okanagan and Canadian artists in paintings, textiles, sculptures, ceramics and functional art. At Ashpa Naira Studio, two traditional South American art forms are in practice: the creation of 3-D woven tapestries and in the clay studio, sculptures. Architectural ceramics and handmade art tiles are created by the artist.

Feb-Mar Rotating works by gallery artists, open by appointment only.

REPRESENTING: David T. Alexander, Robert Bigelow, Sangito Bigelow, Stephan Bircher, Amy Burkard, Carin Covin, Briar Craig, Lubos Culen, Vikki Drummond, Valerie Eibner, Leonhard Epp, Jane Everett, Dina Gonzalez Mascaró, Ann Kipling, Yael Krakowski, Renita Kraubner, Lorena Krause, Mary Smith McCulloch, Marianne Meyer, Martha Moore, Noëlle Nadeau Khoo, Rhonda Neufeld and Rodney Konopaki, Lyndal Osborne, Katherine Pickering, Barry Rafuse, Susan Richards, Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante, Michelle Sorensen, Kevin Spetifore, Maxwell Sterry, Heidi Thompson, Sandra de Vries.


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