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photoRusso Lee Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR
Tel: 503-226-2754

Hours: tues-fri 11am-5:30pm sat 11am-5pm

Russo Lee Gallery, led by Martha Lee, carries on a tradition of featuring the best artists of the Pacific Northwest region. Originally founded in 1986 by Laura Russo, the gallery has operated for over 30 years in the same space at 805 NW 21st Avenue in Portland. Russo Lee Gallery maintains its mission to represent regional artists and connect them with the local community through regular exhibitions and artists’ talks, and with a national and international audience through our website and regular communications about our exhibitions and artists. In addition to showing many of the artists and estates of those who inaugurated the gallery three decades ago, we have also welcomed successive generations of artists through the years, helping to foster Portland’s vibrant visual arts scene.

Jun 1-Jul 1 Michael Paul Miller: Wild Olympia. Sean Cain: New Work. Michael T. Hensley: Nocturnal Emissary. Jul 6-29 Whitney Nye: New Work. Anne Siems: Recent Paintings. Michelle Ramin: New Work. Aug 2-Sep 2 Christopher Russell: New Paintings. Sherrie Wolf: Recent Work.

REPRESENTING: Amory Abbott, James Allen, Jay Backstrand, Marlene Bauer, Frank Boyden, Michael Brophy, Louis Bunce, Sean Cain, Francis Celentano, Robert Colescott, Michael Dailey, Judith Poxson Fawkes, Tom Fawkes, Cie Goulet, Gregory Grenon, Sally Haley, Jo Hamilton, Roll Hardy, Manuel Izquierdo, Jackie K. Johnson, Fay Jones, Mary Josephson, Mel Katz, Connie Kiener, Michihiro Kosuge, Dana Lynn Louis, Rae Mahaffey, Michael Paul Miller, Carl Morris, Whitney Nye, Kim Osgood, Geoffrey Pagen, Lucinda Parker, J.D. Perkin, Jack Portland, Jan Reaves, Rene Rickabaugh, Christopher Russell, Michele Russo, David Schwarz, Anne Siems, Eric Stotik, Margot Voorhies Thompson, Samantha Wall, Gina Wilson, Sherrie Wolf


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