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photoFoster/White Gallery
220 3rd Ave S, #100
, Pioneer Square

Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-622-2833

Hours: tues-sat 10am-6pm

A focus on contemporary paintings, photography, sculpture and glass from some of the most recognized artists in the US and Canada.

Apr 6-22 Parallels and Meridians: Introducing David Burdeny, New Works by Chase Langford. Through their respective mediums of photography and painting, Burdeny and Langford offer their unique visions of geographies, both external and internal. May 4-20 Tom Burrows: An Ineffable Presence. With over forty years' experience of working in cast pigmented polymer resin, Burrows boasts an expertise and intimacy with the material that is evident in the subtle tonal shifts and extraordinary thinness of his resin.

REPRESENTING: Tony Angell, David Alexander, Sheri Bakes, Cara Barer, Clare Belfrage, Evan Blackwell, Bratsa Bonifacho, Bobbie Burgers, Tom Burrows, Carol Inez Charney, Allison Collins, John De Wit, Jamie Evrard, Lois Graham, Shawn Huckins, Eva Isaksen, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Chase Langford, Guy Laramée, David Leventi, Cameron Anne Mason, Manfred Lindenberger, Robert Marchessault, James Martin, Alden Mason, Casey McGlynn, Jeffrey Milstein, Sarah McRae Morton, Steven Nederveen, Andre Petterson, Mark Rediske, Will Robinson, George Rodriguez, Paul Vexler, Janna Watson, Michael Wolf, Eric Zener


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