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photoHenry Art Gallery
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-543-2280

Hours: wed fri sat & sun 11am-4pm thurs 11am-9pm

A museum of contemporary art and ideas, Henry Art Gallery offers access to an international roster of emerging and mid-career artists.

Apr 15-May 21 Selections from the Collection, in conjunction with Cherdonna Shinatra: Clock That Construct, a selection of work that addresses the performativity of identity and the individual and collective weight of cultural scripts and expectations. Featuring work by Tamy Ben-Tor, Candice Breitz, Nikki S. Lee. To Jun 4 MOTHA and Chris E. Vargas present: Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects, bringing together archival materials and works by contemporary artists to narrate an expansive and critical history of transgender communities. To Sep 10 Fun. No Fun. Kraft Duntz featuring Dawn Cerny, a commissioned work by Kraft Duntz, the Seattle-based artist/architect team of David Lipe, Matt Sellars, and Dan Webb, in collaboration with artist Dawn Cerny. The installation occupies the large open volume of the Henry's lower level gallery and investigates how space and memory mediate experience. To Sep 17 Summer Wheat: Full Circle, featuring large-scale abstract-figurative paintings that serve as both portals to imaginary worlds and as mirrors that reflect interior states of being. Apr 8-Oct 1 Jacob Lawrence: Eight Studies, organized in celebration of the centennial of the birth of revered American artist and University of Washington professor Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000). The exhibition features a suite of silkscreen prints that tell the Genesis narrative of creation through the artist's recollected memories of time spent witnessing sermons in the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

REPRESENTING: Chuck Close, Chris E. Vargas, Carrie Mae Weems, Summer Wheat, Kraft Duntz and Dawn Cerny


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