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photoMichael Parsons Fine Art
716 SW Madison St
Portland, OR
Tel: 503-206-8601

Hours: wed-sat 12-5pm

The gallery is focused primarily on historic art made in the Northwest between 1850 and 1970, although we do represent many fine contemporary artists. We are primarily a painting gallery, but are also deeply interested in print making, sculpture, drawing, photography, watercolor, and ceramics. The gallery is very eclectic in nature, spanning 19th century landscape painting through abstraction, with an emphasis on mid 20th century artists.

Jun 7-Jul 1 Sandra Roumagoux: Coastal Observations. Roumagoux's new paintings express her feelings about the eternal beauty of the land alongside her concerns about its continuing degradation.

REPRESENTING: Contemporary artists: Melinda Thorsnes, Michael Gibbons, Eric Jacobsen, Sandy Roumagoux, Lisa Caballero, Alex Lilly, and Laurel Buchanan, photographers Mary Randlett, Dean Hanson and K.B. Dixon, potter's Mardi Wood and Chasse' Davidson. We also represent the estates of Jack McLarty, Howard Sewall, Myra Albert Wiggins & LaVerne Krause.


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