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British ColumbiaBack

photoAdele Campbell Gallery
109-4090 Whistler Way
Shops at the Westin Resort & Spa

Whistler, BC
V0N 1B4
Tel: 604-938-0887

Hours: daily 11am-5pm

Established in 1993, Adele Campbell Gallery is one of Whistler's original fine art galleries offering the best quality, service and selection of classic and contemporary painting and sculpture by Canada's most recognized artists and emerging talents.

Jul 22-Aug 8 Spotlight on Cameron Bird & Vance Theoret, expertly carved and lighthearted sculptures by Theoret, alongside Bird's bold West Coast landscapes. An ever-changing selection of art by Canadian artists is always present at Adele Campbell, from emerging talents to some of Canada's best. This warm and friendly gallery invites you to relax, look, and linger awhile. Featured artists include Mike Svob, Laura Harris, Angela Morgan, Dana Irving, Paul Paquette, Rick Bond, David Langevin, and many others.

REPRESENTING: Cameron Bird, Rick Bond, Merv Brandel, Valerie Butters, Rod Charlesworth, Susie Cipolla, Halin De Repentigny, Alan Dunfield, Kindrie Grove, Laura Harris, Tom Hjorleifson, Kiff Holland, Elena Ilku, Dana Irving, Blake Jorgenson, Andrew Kiss, David Langevin, Michel Le Roux, Joel Mara, Angela Morgan, Shytoo Muckpah, Michael O'Toole, Nancy O'Toole, John Ogilvy, Paul Paquette, Birgit Piskor, Nicola Prinsen, Yvonne Reddick, Paul Reimer, Janice Robertson, Robert Roy, Joseph Sauve, Peter Shostak, Jennifer Sparacino, James Stewart, Brian & Nancy Street, Mike Svob, Moe Taylor, Vance Theoret, Erika Toliusis, Alan Wylie, Peter Wyse


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