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British ColumbiaBack

photo arc.hive gallery
2516 Bridge Street
Victoria, BC
V8S 4G1
Tel: 250-480-8197

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12-5 pm

arc.hive is a new artist run centre focused on facilitating the emergence and development of collaborative practices in contemporary arts, including: visual, performative, writing, video and sound. We are located at the ground level of 2516 Bridge Street, on the west coast of Canada, in Victoria, BC. The centre provides studio spaces for 8 artists/composers/writers, including an artist in residence program, and maintains a small gallery for exhibitions and performances in support of emerging arts practice in the community and beyond.

Jun 3-18 Alysha Farling: Daydreaming and the Long Burnout, work created while and inspired by being in a state of utter exhaustion. Includes sculptures, installation, drawings, and pages from the artist's notebooks. Aug 5-20 Kerry Vaughn Erickson: New Work, figurative and urban landscapes.


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