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A handful of attractive recent exhibition catalogues, as well as archived catalogue reviews.

British ColumbiaBack

photoAlcheringa Gallery
621 Fort St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1G1
Tel: 250-383-8224

Hours: mon-sat 10am-5pm sun 1-5pm

Specialists in Aboriginal art from the Canadian Northwest Coast, Australia and Papua New Guinea, our collection is comprised of works by master carvers, potters, weavers, engravers and painters renowned in their own traditions.

Featuring artists from Indigenous communities across the Pacific Rim, including Teddy Balangu, Tony Hunt Jr, Maynard Johnny Jr, lessLIE, Ake Lianga, George Littlechild, Susan Point, Robert Davidson, Alik Tipoti, Dylan Thomas, and Art Thompson.

REPRESENTING: Primrose Adams, Silas Coon, Rande Cook, Kevin Cranmer, Reg Davidson, Robert Davidson, Bill Helin, Calvin Hunt, Richard Hunt, Tony Hunt, Tony Hunt Jr., Phil Janze, Maynard Johnny Jr., Shawn Karpes, lessLIE, George Littlechild, John Livingston, Angela Marston, John Marston, Luke Marston, Tim Paul, Susan Point, Rick Rivet, Richard Sumner, Ron Telek, Dylan Thomas, Art Thompson, Christian White, Don Yeomans and Wayne Young.


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