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Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture
2316 W First Ave, Spokane Washington
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center
1203 E Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles Washington
313 Occidental Ave S, Seattle Washington
Schack Art Center
2921 Hoyt Ave, Everett Washington
Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Ave, Seattle Washington
Shift Gallery
312 S Washington St, Seattle Washington
Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma Washington
WaterWorks Gallery
315 Argyle Ave, Friday Harbor Washington
Western Gallery, WWU
516 High St, Fine Arts Bldg, FI 116, Bellingham Washington
Whatcom Museum
Old City Hall, 121 Prospect St; Lightcatcher Building, 250 Flora St, Bellingham Washington

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Vignettes – quick takes on current shows: Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington

Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

Conservator's Corner
Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

Unheralded Artists
The Life and Art of Arthur Pitts