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G. Gibson Gallery
NEW LOCATION: 104 W Roy St, Seattle Washington
Gage Gallery Arts Collective
2031 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria British Columbia
Gallery 110
110 3rd Ave S, Seattle Washington
Gallery 1710
1710 56th St, Tsawwassen British Columbia
Gallery 2, Grand Forks and District Art and Heritage Centre
524 Central Ave., Box 2140, Grand Forks British Columbia
Gallery in the Oak Bay Village
2223A Oak Bay Ave, Victoria British Columbia
Gallery Jones
1-258 E 1st Ave, Vancouver British Columbia
Gallery of BC Ceramics
1359 Cartwright St, Vancouver British Columbia
Gallery Pegasus
301 W. Holly Street, Bellingham Washington
Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens and Gallery
250 Reynolds Rd, Kelowna British Columbia
130 9th Ave SE, Calgary Alberta
Goldmoss Satellite
1338 Franklin St, Vancouver British Columbia
Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art
2121 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver British Columbia
Griffin Art Projects
1174 Welch St, North Vancouver British Columbia
grunt gallery
116-350 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver British Columbia


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