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Haida Gwaii Museum
2 Second Beach Rd, Skidegate British Columbia
Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University
700 State St., Salem Oregon
Harris Harvey Gallery
1915 First Ave, Seattle Washington
Havana Gallery
1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver British Columbia
Heffel Fine Art Auction House
2247 Granville St, Vancouver British Columbia
Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington
4100 15th Ave NE, Seattle Washington
Herringer Kiss Gallery
709A 11th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta
hfa contemporary
320-1000 Parker St, Vancouver British Columbia
Hill's Native Art
165 Water St, Vancouver British Columbia




Vignettes – quick takes on current shows: Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington

Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

Conservator's Corner
Concerto – A Public Art Remediation

Unheralded Artists
The Life and Art of Arthur Pitts